Daily Special!

Emma's Kitchen

Emma’s Kitchen in Laurel honors the traditions and recipes of our grandmothers.

Whether it’s a restaurant dinner or a casual café lunch, we prepare foods from scratch, using the best and freshest ingredients available, grown locally when possible. Emma’s Kitchen is known for our gourmet soups, unique sandwiches and tasty salads. Our daily specials have become a local favorite – including Pastas and Salads of the Day.

Chef E’s creative flair for combining flavors and unique ingredients tempt and delight any appetite.

The Bakery cases hold a delightful array of breads, caramel rolls, cheesecakes, desserts and cookies, baked with dairy butter, rich cream, real sugar and a sprinkle of tradition.

At Emma’s we say the Aromatherapy is free – to experience Emma’s is to first catch a sniff of wonderful smells coming from our kitchen before you open the front door.

Our rotating display of art is one way we honor the artistic talent of friends and family near and far. The family pictures and stories are how we honor our past generations and keep their legends alive. 

Enjoy the musical abilities of those who share their talents in the Parlour.